Judging Panel

Chief Judge

Dr. David Wong Yau-kar, BBS, JP
Chairman, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

Final Judge

Mr. Bankee Kwan
Chairman & CEO, Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited
Mr. Edmond Lau
Head of M&A of ShunFeng Express
Mr. Guang Zeng
Secretary-General, Shenzhen Internet Finance Association
Mr. Herbert Chia
Executive President, Chinese Big Data Society
Mr. Peter Yeung
Head of Information & Communications Technology Cluster, HKSTP
Mr. Philip Chui
Political Assistant to Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury
Mr. Simon Chan
President, ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter
Mr. Stephen Wong
Adjunct Lecturer, the Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ms. Susanna Chiu
Past President, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Dr. Toa Charm
Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport

2nd round Judge

Mr. Anthony Leung
CEO, Shenzhen China People Creative PayEase Cross Border Technology Ltd.
Dr. Alex Li
Chairman, Hong Kong Innovative Technology Preferred
Mr. Ernest Chan
Vice Presidnet of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (China Hong Kong Chapter)
Mr. Edward Lau
Deputy GM, Asia Pacific, Kingdee International Software Group (HK) Ltd.
Mr. Edwin Ho
Mr. Eric Yeung
Smart City Consortium Convener
Mr. Jowin Fung
Vice Chairman, Innovest Financial Group Holdings Ltd
Ms. Lisa Djeng
Vice Chairperson, The Y.Elites Association
Mr. Peter Choi
Director, Palapple (Hong Kong) Limited
Mr. Paul Fung
Honorary President, International Federation of Creativity and Technology
Mr. Tak Chu
General Manager of Big Data Architect
Mr. Tim Chan
Head of Business Intelligence, UA Finance
Mr. Victor Ng
Vice-Chairman, HKCS Cloud Computing SIC